A Culture

of JoYY

Let’s do a little more
for our community

At YY Ventures, we work to shape the future of Bangladesh and create a better world for generations to come. Our community of entrepreneurs, creators, enablers, and investors is constantly pushing their limits to do a little more to solve our time's most pressing social and environmental challenges.

Nurturing Diversity, Equity and
Inclusion at work

As we weave a path toward gender-inclusive leadership, we strive to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplace so that everyone feels welcome, safe, and comfortable in their own skin, and is confident in their ability and opportunity to think and speak freely.

Our commitment to

Since the inception of YY Ventures, we have been mindful of how our operations affect our environment, and have taken a very active role in ensuring sustainability practices every day at our office, and the events we host. For example, we use organic, local, and seasonal products at all our events. Any leftover food is recovered or used to produce vermicompost fertilizer. Additionally, we serve coffee and tea produced by responsible producers where the farmers and workers get a fair market price.

Every day at YY Ventures, we ensure that there are no single-use plastic products such as plastic bottles, banners, badges, etc. and we focus on using organic or recyclable products carefully sourced from trusted producers.

Begin Your Journey at
YY Ventures

We are on a daily quest to explore and refine our ways to make life at YY better, and strive to build a workplace that is more connected, collaborative, transparent, flexible, and inclusive for people to work in.

Since the start of your journey with YY Ventures, you will have the opportunity to drive our mission to create a world of three zeros alongside your dynamic team. If you are passionate about doing your best work with joYY, we would love for you to join our ever-growing family!


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