Imagine A New


We envision a world of three zeros -
zero net carbon emission,
zero wealth concentration for ending poverty,
and zero unemployment by unleashing entrepreneurship in all.
YY Ventures is an incubation and investment Social Business. We support entrepreneurs who are fighting carbon emissions, poverty, and unemployment.
We incubate early-stage, cause-driven businesses by supporting young entrepreneurs with world-class training, tailor-made consultation support, co-working space, business support services, and access to investors, enabling them to navigate their way towards launching a minimum viable product and raising the needed seed capital.
We invest in untested businesses that are solving social and environmental challenges in overlooked communities in Bangladesh and actively assist portfolio companies in navigating the path to notable venture investors, partners, and clients.
We advise family foundations, impact funds, corporations, development agencies, and government agencies to use the powerful model of Social Business to take their innovation and social impact agenda forward. Our corporate services include incubator/accelerator design and management, innovation challenges, and venture building.
Since the beginning of our journey in 2016, we have supported 70+ entrepreneurs who have improved the lives of 800,000+ people. By 2030, we want to improve the lives of two million people by investing in Social Businesses in emerging countries.
All humans are
Professor Muhammad Yunus
2006 Nobel Peace Laureate

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