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Take your social impact agenda forward with us

YY Ventures offers a full range of corporate services including incubator/accelerator design & management, venture building, impact measurement, and investment readiness.

We help family foundations, impact funds, corporations, development agencies, and government agencies to use the powerful model of Social Business to take their innovation and social impact agenda forward.

We offer complete and end-to-end acceleration design and management support for setting up of incubation/accelerator program, initiated by a development agency, corporate, or government to be the agent of change and promote Social Business. We are proud to be consultants to the UNDP’s Digital Khichuri Challenge and Social Business such as AmarLab, GARBAGEMAN and Powwater, Inc. We also support Social Business and entrepreneurs to navigate impact management metrics, manage the investment portfolio and generate insights with the intent to contribute to the achievement of measurable social, economic and environmental objectives.

Corporate Services
Incubator/Accelerator Management
Our world-class Accelerator facilitators can help you connect to bankable startups and tailored mentoring opportunities. We have experience in launching & managing 15+ accelerator programs for social entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific and Africa. Our services were trusted by groups like United Nations Development Program, Yunus Centre, and The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
Venture Building
We systematically bring Social Businesses into existence by means of their own resources. Our venture-building team develops all ideas in-house as we build the core structure and a component of a Social Business from the ground up. We follow a tested protocol from identifying business ideas, building teams to launching products, and helping Social Businesses create their legal and governance structures.
Impact Measurement
Our Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) team helps Social Businesses to substantially improve relationships with customers and beneficiaries by helping them realize if a solution really creates the impact it set out to achieve. Our IMM service is designed for entrepreneurs who strive to create impact; the service provides access to the best tools available for entrepreneurs to measure, manage and improve their impact accountability. Social Businesses startups seeking to secure external funding will find it useful as they often face the challenge of communicating their impact effectively to investors or donors.
Investment Readiness
Our Investment Readiness service is for Social Businesses that are approaching the stage where external financing becomes important. Access to capital is a universal challenge that entrepreneurs face when they seek repayable capital from investors to scale their impact and grow. Our team enables entrepreneurs with the capacity and capability to seek, take on, use – and repay- this investment. The service also supports impact entrepreneurs on their journeys towards investment readiness and strengthens their ability to raise capital from investors.
Checkout some of our work
WASH Innovation Challenge with Aqua for All, Bopinc, and GSMA
Incubator/Accelerator Management
YY Ventures joined hands with Aqua for All, Bopinc, and GSMA for the first time and embarked on a mission to empower entrepreneurs of the WASH sector in Bangladesh. WASH Innovation Challenge offered intensive tailored mentoring, a 3-day boot camp to the 12 brilliant teams and prize money to the most promising team.
Digital Khichuri Challenge by UNDP
Incubator/Accelerator Management
UNDP Bangladesh team partnered up with our incubator YY Goshthi to conduct the Digital Khichuri Challenge (DKC) Mentorship Program in Bangladesh from 2019-2021.The scope of work included design and management of five cycles of the DKC mentorship program to support 15 teams of innovators and entrepreneurs. At the DKC Mentorship Program we offer a 4-day long boot camp, 6 month long tailored mentorship and small grants to DKC winners who are building businesses or running campaigns to promote peace, justice and diversity in Bangladesh.
AmarLab Ltd & GARBAGEMAN Ltd
Investment Readiness
Investment Measurement
We were commissioned by Roots of Impact GmbH to offer Investment Readiness and Impact management services to AmarLab Limited and Garbageman Limited in 2020 under the Biniyog Briddhi program. Under the Investment Readiness service, we designed the Financial Model, Company Compliance Checklist, Financial Instrument, and Investor Hitlist. Our Impact Measurement service included creation of Theory of Change, Data Collection Plan, Storage, Analysis, Review system and Decision Making Template.
Powwater, Inc.
Venture Building
Powwater is a Social Business that aims to empower the world through sustainable safe drinking water. We have supported the Powwater team in creating a new technology product that enables customers to order safe drinking water, a clean and easy way.