Amarlab: Diagnostics at Your Doorstep

The pandemic was an opportunity in disguise for many

entrepreneurs to scale up numerous start-ups with the aid of advancing technologies. The scenario is no different for Amarlab as well. During the COVID-19 pandemic when people of all walks of life struggled regarding safe travelling and access to basic healthcare facilities, Amarlab stepped in as a pioneer to address the issue by building bridges between patients and different diagnostic centres. Although Amarlab has been providing at-home diagnostic services since 2017, they gained popularity during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tazin Shahid was inspired to start Amarlab when he experienced the limitations of Bangladesh's healthcare sector very closely due to his mother's unexpected illness. He found that there are only 6 doctors for every 10,000 people; for every 73,000 people, there is only 1 medical technologist. He realised that the issue this sector encountered was an uphill struggle for people of all backgrounds regardless of their income.

Tazin moved forward with the vision of establishing a value-driven organisation, through which trained staff would go door-to-door, collecting samples and providing necessary medical help. Amarlab supports patients who face difficulty in travelling to receive healthcare facilities for several reasons including inaccessible transport, disability, old age, or busy schedules.

Amarlab went under the YY Goshthi Incubation Program and Accelerating Asia, a Singapore based accelerator and startup fund, which helped them to successfully spread out their web of services. Today, Amarlab is serving in 4 different areas-. Telemedicine, Diagnostic tests, Prescription drug delivery, and. Health data- a digital solution for patients to keep track of their health. They have more than 14 premium lab partners with 2,500 registered doctors in the telemedicine platform, and 70 doctors with digital chambers.

Amarlab strongly believes in providing top-notch customer experience and ensuring high quality services consistently. They have been maintaining WHO (World Health Organization) standards for developing their sample kits. Recently they have developed the 5th version of their kit in collaboration with PUM- a Netherlands based organisation working with SMEs across the world. They own a unique sample collection kit with a built-in waste management system that they have been planning to patent. They have also acquired On-call Medico, a health-tech company that compliments their vision. The collaboration has ensured advanced solutions for doctors in terms of digital chambers (appointments, consultations, digital prescriptions, fees, etc.)

Till date, they have ensured 5,000 recurring customers, and have received more than 12,000 test orders. They have demonstrated an impressive month-to-month growth rate of 140%. To be the first of its kind with nothing but organic approaches, Amarlab has become a reliable name. Amarlab is planning to expand their services across the country, and they have already onboarded 4 labs in Chittagong. They have been dealing with remote testing in collaboration with Dr. Lal Pathlabs, an India-based diagnostic centre that ensures high-end tests. Moreover, with the telemedicine partner Spreeha, serving the people of remote areas looks like a dream come true where Rohingya population may become great beneficiaries.