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Who We Are

YY Ventures is a Social Business company created in partnership with 'Yunus Centre', the global think tank for Social Business founded by Nobel laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus; to build, accelerate and invest in Social Businesses.

Binding the world with the spirit of Social Business and innovation; we are the weavers of today’s Social Business world. As we knit through the gaps among people, groups, and organizations, we connect thoughts, ideas, and minds; opening doors to collective growth and realizing the essence of a truly global village.

Our Social Business investment is an encouragement and support that we can offer to the people willing to be the agents of change, a change we collectively envision. Our Social Businesses use entrepreneurial capacity and innovative means to achieve social and environmental objectives that have a sustained impact. These companies are actively working with global agendas such as SDGs, with their sustainable model and impactful objectives, they spill over into new and promising partnerships, initiatives, ideas, and innovation.

YY Goshthi is a brand of YY ventures Ltd that was created in 2016 as the first independent Social Business incubator of Bangladesh. We are part of YY Ventures Limited that is established in partnership with Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus to build, accelerate, and invest in Social Businesses. Our four-month-long program is designed by Social Business leaders and investors to help early-stage social entrepreneurs be ready to launch their minimum viable product and raise the needed seed capital. In four years, 54 youth from our Goshthi (family) has improved the lives of 107, 756 Bangladeshis. Now we want to change the lives of a million!

YY Studios is a project of YY Ventures Ltd that helps socially and environmentally conscious organizations take their impact agenda forward by utilizing the power of design and technology. We exist to mold design and tech to build and scale digital experiences for organizations. We are inspired by the forever-changing world of design and innovation where we promise never to slow down evolving the customer experience to always ensure a strong gravity in the design & tech world. As we go forward, our commitment to our clients stays simple; we make your imagination better than yesterday as we illustrate your brands and design your solutions.

The Social Business Youth Summit (SBYS) is a YY Ventures Ltd project, it is an attempt to gather and plunge youth from all over the globe into the world of Social Business via learning from and interacting with Social Business experts. Despite the disruption in day-to-day activities, SBYS believes it is time for innovation through greater connectivity both virtually and in person. SBYS seems to present a seamless networking opportunity through a fusion of face-to-face and digital meetings, varied investment, and networking opportunities, alongside inspiring knowledge sessions and conversations.

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