Fostering Social Business

Entrepreneurship in East Africa

It goes beyond words that

the youth are at the pinnacle in the contemporary environment of social change. With the world as it is, it is the utmost responsibility of the youth to embrace the altruistic persona within them, to ensure widespread benefit for the global population in the future.

A mass majority of 80% of East Africans excluding South Sudan, are below the age of 35, with a median age ranging from between 16-19 years; therefore, in essence, the East African region (EAR), like many other regions, have the potential to capitalize their demographic dividends (In this case, their youth population) to solve pressing social issues rooting from the region while also driving economic development.

YY Ventures is collaborating with Yunus Centre, Yunus & You- The YY Foundation and the Catholic University of Zimbabwe to design and implement Social Business ecosystem building activities at East African Campuses. We are undertaking several initiatives to cater to aspiring social business entrepreneurs and fresh graduates from academic institutions and universities in East Africa, e.g. creative workshops, design sprints, competitions and roundtables.

Our year-long project is designed in a unique way to host 15 on-site and online sessions and 2 creative competitions to promote and nurture social business ideas in 5 East African University campuses to begin with. Approximately 200 Students and academicians participating in the workshops or competitions under this program will get access to these events. They can connect with seasoned social business entrepreneurs, exchange knowledge and initiate joint projects to foster collaboration.


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